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young drivers

Being a parent with a young, newly qualified driver can be worrisome, especially when it comes to their safety and the well-being of our car. Similarly, the thought of our elderly relatives getting lost or experiencing breakdowns with no means of reaching us can cause anxiety. Fortunately, Pedal's comprehensive features are specifically tailored to keep vulnerable drivers safe and provide me with constant peace of mind.

20 ways to help ensure young drivers are assisted and protected


“Having used your app for two months now, I’m now going to roll it out through our fleet of cars. The benefits to a business owners are clear and this is something that I have been looking for, for a few years now. Many thanks.

Smart, Forfour
J. Webster
  • Low-price fuel finder
  • Driver score
  • Collision alerts
  • Pinpoint vehicle locator
  • Breakdown help
  • Vehicle health checker
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Battery monitor
  • Insurance reminders
  • Tax reminders
  • MOT Reminders
  • Voice services
  • COVID-19 hotspot tracker
  • Fuel usage tracker
  • Multiple vehicle support
  • Know your vehicle's true value
  • Stolen vehicle recover assistance
  • Vehicle history
  • Manufacturer's vehicle recall warning
  • Odometer tamper check
*smartphone not included
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When you have a teenage son or daughter just starting out on the road, as well as an elderly  grandparent  in  the family  struggling  physically, it’s easy to feel the pressure building from all sides. This is why I’m glad I can use Pedal to help reassure me that at least they’re all safe and protected on the road.

Teen drivers are undoubtedly naïve on the road, and no longer have the supervision of their  parents  or  a qualified instructor  to  set  them  straight.  When  my  son  drives off  to college each morning, I know exactly where his car is all the time, and how safely he’s driving. My dashboard will show me if any behaviour is unsafe; if he’s turning unsafely or accelerating  too  fast.  Heaven  forbid,  if  there were  a collision,  Pedal  would  tell  me immediately, along with his precise location so we can get emergency services there fast.

Besides safety, running costs for the car a big concern for my teens. Both my daughter and my son’s insurance are through the roof since they’re starting out with their own cars. This is where Pedal is such a big help. With little tips like helping me keep track of where to send them to get the cheapest fuel, to staying ahead of key maintenance and hopefully preventing expensive repairs and breakdowns later, Pedal is really helping me keep costs down.

With my  elderly parents, what I worry about the most is them breaking down and not being able to get in touch. Once again Pedal will give me their location so I can get help to them quickly. Perhaps more important, however, is the way Pedal keeps me informed on all the maintenance, MOT, insurance and tax on my parents’ car. They’re prone to forgetting  these  things,  and  Pedal gives me up to two weeks’ notice on upcoming deadlines.

Many  of  my  concerns  are  shared  between  my  teen-driver  kids  and  my  elderly  mother and father. I’m worried they won’t look after the car, either through youthful exuberance or elderly forgetfulness.Pedal is this amazing single tool that keeps all the information together in  a  single  place,  reminding  me  of  the  important things and  allowing  me  to check on their driving and the state of their vehicles. It’s a wonder.

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Highly recommended. I would be lost without it.

“What can i say received very promptly was easy to plug in to the car in fact I would say it was idiot proof, when I logged into the portal i was very surprised at all the information already there, to location of the car, the value and the insurance details the list goes on and on. I would highly recommend it. I would be lost without it.”

Audi, Q2
N. Miller
Super simple to plug in and and immediately became clear to me why my partner wanted me to have it

"Pedal was bought for me by my partner firstly I was not sure of its benefits for me but gave it a go… super simple to plug in and logged in it then all became clear to me why my partner wanted me to have it. For me locate my car and the safety of my partner knowing where I am is reassuring, plus never having to forget my MOT again plus cheapest fuel finder are some of my favourite features."

Michelle M.
I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about

"Been using the pedal app now for 3 months. As a female driver its really been a godsend. The key features for me have been the ability to easily find the nearest and cheapest petrol stations and because I drive quite a lot with work the COVID tracker. The web site is really easy to use and once the Pedal tracker was installed it was simple to be able to get all the information on my cars value, driving stats and I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about."

Smart, Forfour
J. Webster