Experience Peace of Mind and Total Car Care with Pedal: Your Ultimate Car App for Seamless Vehicle Maintenance, Safety, & Connectivity.

Experience the Future of Personalized Driving with Pedal

Discover the freedom of a truly personalized driving experience with Pedal. From real-time fuel and EV charging station locators to instant car value assessments, we've got you covered.
Effortless Car Value Assessment - Know Your Car's Real Worth Instantly
Save Time & Money on Car Care - Find Reliable Mechanics Near You
Optimise Your Vehicle Resale - Access DVLA MOT & Tax Data for UK Cars
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Perfect for parents with young and new drivers
Perfect for keeping elderly drivers in your family safe
Perfect for the solo drivers that want to make savings
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Whether you want to take the hassle out of owning a vehicle, feel less anxious when it comes to young or elderly drivers in your family, or delve into every finer detail of your machine, you can do it all with Pedal

Pedal® can be fitted to any vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present day:

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Discover the Comprehensive Features of Pedal

‍From renewal reminders for service, M.O.T., and insurance to real-time vehicle history and valuations, Pedal offers everything a driver could wish for..

Monitor and locate connected vehicles for peace of mind.Reminders for vehicle tax renewal for timely payments.Notifications of accidents for better management.Alerts for mileage tampering to identify false readings.Comprehensive vehicle history checks for informed decisions.Reminders for insurance renewal to prevent lapses.
Battery health alerts for extended lifespan and safety.
Analyse fuel consumption for better performance and efficiency.Manage multiple family vehicles for maintenance and safety.

Download Pedal App from the Android storeDownload Pedal from the app store
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What Our Satisfied Customers
Say About Pedal.

The free app is handy but the smart sensor is the really exciting part!

The free app is handy but the smart sensor is the really exciting part!Nice free features (useful to have things like tyre-pressure, petrol prices & insurance renewal dates to hand) but what I’m excited about is the sensor - my partner & I have gone through 2 clutches in 7 years and argue about who is to blame. If this app can shed light on our individual driving skills, help prevent wear and tear, and warn us about potential engine issues in advance of a journey, I can see it easily paying for itself, quickly.

I love this!

Because of this App I have reminders for my MOT and Tax renewal which I usually forget. Not only that but I travel long distances to visit my family and friends and the tracker will let emergency services know my exact location if ever needed. This brings me great peace of mind as a woman driving on my own, I am definitely going to pass this onto my daughters! Also, it tells me where the cheapest petrol is! Just love this!

So easy to get the right parts

I’ve always hated that moment when you need to replace a bulb or a wiper but you’re not sure which one fits your vehicle.The Pedal app is great because it already knows your vehicle details from the registration number and curates the parts that fit your vehicle.It’s saved me money too on buying compatible side steps for my vehicle rather than manufacturer parts

You’ve potentially saved me three points and a fine.

“WOW, I’ve just started to use the Pedal App for the first time, and it’s shown me that my MOT is just out of date. You’ve potentially saved me three points and a fine! Thank you PEDAL. ”

L. Hedges
I would recommend it for anyone

"Having received the PEDAL + sensor, finding the port and plugging it in was simple enough. As was registering and using the PEDAL App. Amazing how much info is already shown, just from entering the reg. number. I have had it for some 6 months now, and was reminded about my MOT / Service in plenty of time. For me the COVID information will be very useful once we are out of this lock down, and start traveling for work again. I’d recommend it for anyone."

Sean W.
I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about

"Been using the pedal app now for 3 months. As a female driver its really been a godsend. The key features for me have been the ability to easily find the nearest and cheapest petrol stations and because I drive quite a lot with work the COVID tracker. The web site is really easy to use and once the Pedal tracker was installed it was simple to be able to get all the information on my cars value, driving stats and I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about."

J. Webster
What an amazing platform!

"What an amazing platform! After just a few days of plugging it in pedal informed me that an MOT was due and that there was a recall for my car!"

Wasim, B.
I love it - you have the Tesla experience

"I love it - you have the Tesla experience with the app but, without the added cost of buying a Tesla. One day perhaps i can have both.|

Abdul. K
Ive also got a pedal device for my son who is a new driver so its very handy to make sure he is driving appropriately

Pedal is an awesome tool that puts me in control of my car. There are so many features it’s hard to know where to begin! The reminders for insurance and maintenance mean I no longer forget my insurance or miss important maintenance tasks for the car. The real time tracking is extremely useful - I always know where my car is and it gives me peace of mind that I could track it if it got stolen. Ive also got a pedal device for my son who is a new driver so its very handy to make sure he is driving appropriately and I know he uses it to find the cheapest fuel! Overall a great product!

O, Greenacre

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