Embarking on a new life and starting a family demands significant time and energy, leaving little room for car-related concerns. Thankfully, Pedal provides a unique suite of features designed to streamline your automotive experience, saving you precious time and money. With Pedal, you can bid farewell to the hassle of remembering maintenance milestones, insurance renewals, and MOT deadlines. Moreover, Pedal goes above and beyond by assisting you in finding the most cost-effective fuel options

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Young couple's starting out

20 ways Pedal helps make driving easier, cheaper and safer


“Having used your app for two months now, I’m now going to roll it out through our fleet of cars. The benefits to a business owners are clear and this is something that I have been looking for, for a few years now. Many thanks.

Smart, Forfour
J. Webster
  • Low-price fuel finder
  • Driver score
  • Collision alerts
  • Pinpoint vehicle locator
  • Breakdown help
  • Vehicle health checker
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Battery monitor
  • Insurance reminders
  • Tax reminders
  • MOT Reminders
  • Voice services
  • COVID-19 hotspot tracker
  • Fuel usage tracker
  • Multiple vehicle support
  • Know your vehicle's true value
  • Stolen vehicle recover assistance
  • Vehicle history
  • Manufacturer's vehicle recall warning
  • Odometer tamper check
*smartphone not included
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  • Epic discounts and offers
  • Sell your vehicle for free
  • Prevent drink-driving
  • Auto replenishment service
  • Access the claim concierge
  • Access to mobile services

Life’s tricky enough when you’re starting out. We have careers, a new mortgage, a new family to come...worrying about the cars just seems so trivial, but we know it all has to be done. This is why we just can’t get enough of Pedal. It saves us both time and money, condensing everything we need to know about our car into a single space, it’s fantastic.

I think the features we value most are those that remind us about upcoming deadlines. These are the hardest to keep track of and always end up being a last-minute rush to sort out. With Pedal, we get notice on things like the MOT, tax, insurance and important maintenance. As soon as we get the notification, we can just right on the phone or online to get it done in that moment, or book the car into the garage.

Pedal doesn’t just free up our time, but also our mental space. I feel assured knowing it’s there, knowing my  partner will be informed via the app immediately if something bad like a collision happens. We also know that if either of us breakdown, we can quickly share our location via WhatsApp or even email to let them know where we are and that we’re safe.

The battery monitor has already stopped us from being late to work once. We’d left the lights  on  somehow  and  the  battery  was  draining.  Thanks  to  a  warning  from  Pedal,  we caught it early, turned off the lights and saved us a nasty surprise in the morning.

Finally, on the more playful side, we also have a little bit of fun competing to be the safest driver according to Pedal’s driver score feature. It makes for interesting conversation when we reflect on where we’ve been going wrong in the past week. I guess the fact that it makes us safer drivers overall is just a nice bonus!

What our customers
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1,432 reviews
Highly recommended. I would be lost without it.

“What can i say received very promptly was easy to plug in to the car in fact I would say it was idiot proof, when I logged into the portal i was very surprised at all the information already there, to location of the car, the value and the insurance details the list goes on and on. I would highly recommend it. I would be lost without it.”

Audi, Q2
N. Miller
Super simple to plug in and and immediately became clear to me why my partner wanted me to have it

"Pedal was bought for me by my partner firstly I was not sure of its benefits for me but gave it a go… super simple to plug in and logged in it then all became clear to me why my partner wanted me to have it. For me locate my car and the safety of my partner knowing where I am is reassuring, plus never having to forget my MOT again plus cheapest fuel finder are some of my favourite features."

Michelle M.
I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about

"Been using the pedal app now for 3 months. As a female driver its really been a godsend. The key features for me have been the ability to easily find the nearest and cheapest petrol stations and because I drive quite a lot with work the COVID tracker. The web site is really easy to use and once the Pedal tracker was installed it was simple to be able to get all the information on my cars value, driving stats and I was even notified about a recall that I hadn’t been informed about."

Smart, Forfour
J. Webster