Know Your Car History – It Will Serve You Well

Know Your Car History – It Will Serve You Well, Get detailed insights into your vehicle's past with our comprehensive car check feature. Drive with confidence.

Pedal has 20 individual unique features, each of which brings a great amount of value to the user and their car. Here on our blog, we are working to showcase each of these features, not just to show you what Pedal® can do, but to prove the value of what it does. The truth is that this tool’s features go far beyond interesting metrics and data.

In today’s blog, the item on which we are focusing is the Car History feature. This provides the user and potential buyers with a wealth of highly detailed information on the vehicle’s past. This includes:

  • Trip stats such as how many miles were travelled, the average speed and more driver behaviour data
  • MoT history
  • Other service history
  • Maintenance records
  • And more

What’s the value of all this data? That’s we’ll explore below. After that, we’ll talk more about the consequences of not having a full history of your vehicle to hand, and other benefits that come with knowing everything there is to know about the car you are driving.

Pedal® Car History Check

How Does it Work?

The Pedal vehicle sensor plugs into your OBD-II port and can then be viewed via our online platform. Users can login via the website and access a plethora of useful data, one section of which is dedicated to the vehicle’s history. As we mention above, there are many kinds of available data, the value of which we will explore in more depth below.

Just imagine when you want to sell the car, and you know that you’ll have to provide a full service history for the vehicle. The advent of the Internet has made these things simple to locate and confirm in general, but Pedal® helps to make it even easier, putting all the data of your car’s history in one place, along with the 19 other features and the additional info and insight they bring.

Login to the site and open up your Pedal dashboard and click on the relevant section concerning your car’s history. In there will be revealed all the data that we mentioned above and more.

Why is Car History an Important Feature?

First of all, this feature will be an invaluable to you as a car owner if and when the time comes and you wish to sell your vehicle. Pedal creates an incontrovertible and complete record of all data that you can simply share with a prospective buyer when the time comes. They won’t be able to accuse you of hiding or withholding any service information because it will all be there in black and white. The result of this will be greater trust between you and your prospective buyer, and hopefully a better offer from them as they see your exemplary record in keeping the car safe and maintained.

Second, we should look at the reverse side of this equation. In a world where Pedal users are in the millions, you as a buyer can quickly arm yourself with all the information you need on a car’s history before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Choosing a car with missing service history is like playing Russian Roulette with you and your passengers’ safety. If that’s a family car you are planning to buy, then that has some pretty serious implications. Pedal will provide proper data and allow you to make the right choice without hesitation.

Each of the data items that Car History covers has its own unique value, too:

Trip Stats and Driver Behaviour

First of all, a wealth of data about car usage is one thing that no amount of MoT or service receipts could ever cover. When it comes to either proving how well you have maintained your car up to the point of sale, or revealing how a seemingly flawless car on the outside in which you are interested in buying has actually been put through the mill far more than it looks, this data is invaluable.

With a wash and wax, and possibly some minor paint or dent correction, it is relatively easy to restore the exterior of a car to near-new condition. That can be dazzling to a buyer, leaving them stunned and then forgetful when it comes to asking more important questions about the car’s mechanics and service history. Knowing how fast and far the car has been driven and how often, as well as what locations it has been driven will all be an excellent insight into the vehicle’s real condition.

MoT and Service History

Pedal will tell you not just that a car had an MoT, but whether it passed, the specific test number and date that it was carried out and more. If for some reason the car failed the MoT, it will even tell you the reasons why and what action was to be taken. You might get this information from paper records, but Pedal® finds a much neater and more accessible way for users to look at the data and quickly understand an overview. Failures are highlighted in red so they’re easy to spot, making a quick scan of the information much easier.

Maintenance History

Pedal can keep track of any maintenance jobs done on the car such as tyre rotations, filters and belts changed, etc. Once again, if you are looking at a car with Pedal and the owner tells you it has “recently” had a tyre change, then you can see for yourself exactly what the seller means by “recently” and if it aligns with your own definition.

Knowledge is Power: Know Your Car History

Available data published in Statista shows that hundreds of road accidents in the UK are caused by vehicle defects. Among the top defects that lead to accidents are:

  • Defective brakes
  • Illegal or defective tyres
  • Defective steering or suspension
  • Defective lights or indicators
  • Overloaded of poorly loaded vehicle or trailer
  • Defective or missing mirrors

A lot of these components are either hidden from the eye of potential buyers, or beyond the knowledge of ordinary drivers to know whether they really have a problem or not. Pedal is a service that empowers car owners and buyers with easy-to-read and, more importantly, easy-to-understand information on a car’s history that might otherwise be lost in a maelstrom of receipts and other paperwork, or even missing altogether.

If you had a tool like Pedal that told you in advance of making a purchase that the car you are interested in has failed multiple MoT tests, has not had its brakes serviced or tyres rotated in a long time, then you’ll be able to do one of a few things:

  1. Walk away from that death trap altogether.
  2. Instruct the buyer to see to these problems and show the records on Pedal®, otherwise you won’t buy.
  3. Use the information to negotiate a better deal and then make arrangements yourself to have the problems fixed.

Conclusion: Car History = Car Safety = Car Value

A full account of your own car’s history tells you what you need to know about your own vehicle, as well as another vehicle that you might be interested in buying. Up until now, these records have been accessible via multiple sources, and reputable and responsible sellers have always made a point to keep a full history of their vehicle. It allows them to make plans for future services, and allows them to be transparent during a sale. Pedal promises to be a game-changing service in this regard.

With Pedal, everything you ever wanted to know about your or another car but were afraid to ask is right there in your fingertips. If you are an existing user, login to Pedal now and start learning your own vehicle’s history. You might surprise yourself, or better yet, discover a critical oversight that needs immediate attention.

You’ll never know the true value of your car without knowing its full history.