Never Lose Sight of Your Car Again with Pedal and “Where’s My Car?"

Never Lose Sight of Your Car Again with Pedal and “Where’s My Car?" Our car finder feature helps you locate your parked vehicle effortlessly. Say goodbye to the frustration of forgetting where you parked.

When you have a big family and multiple cars in the household, it has generally been quite a stressful thing to keep track of everyone and where they are. It’s not that you want to snoop on people, but at least knowing that people are in familiar locations, or where they said they were going to be, can just be reassuring in itself. There’s really no need for any more detail than that.

This is where Pedal can help. Among its 20 unique features you’ll find a very simple yet effective tool that we call, “Where’s My Car?” As the name suggests, this feature is geared towards allowing users to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle, and that of any other signed up to the same main Pedal® account at any time you want.”

The “Where’s My Car?” feature works in seamless conjunction with several of the other features in Pedal, which we will explain in more detail below. First let’s imagine a quick scenario:

You’re expecting the whole family back for dinner at 7:00pm, but Harry, your recently-qualified teenage driver, is late coming back. Harry drives himself to and from school, and to and from wherever else he needs to be. Tonight, however, he’s nowhere to be seen. Mum decides to login to her Pedal account and find out where the car is. It should offer a pretty strong clue as to where young Harry has got to.

Upon logging in and checking the dashboard, Mum discovers that Harry’s car is parked in the next street, where his best friend lives. It turns out there was nothing to worry about, but discovering the truth in that quick time is the gift that Pedal® and the “Where’s My Car?” feature gives you. It quickly finds answers and gets your mind to the right place.

Let’s learn a bit more about “Where’s My Car?” and precisely how it works within the Pedal® system.

Pedal “Where’s My Car?” Feature

How Does the Feature Work?

When you login to your Pedal™ dashboard, what you’re really looking for with this feature is the “Vehicle location” pod. It’s located very prominently within your main dashboard and features a clear colour map with the exact location of your car pinpointed. In fact, it will go at least one better than that. It will show you the pinpointed location on the map, and it will give you street address, town and postcode for the location, too.

It was by checking the “Vehicle location” pod that Mum in our example above was able to quickly determine that Harry wasn’t off broken down in the middle of nowhere, but in fact just parked in the next street visiting his friend’s house. When the imminent Pedal® smartphone app is ready, too, users driving the car will also be able to quickly and easily share their exact locations via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

It’s one of the simplest features, but the map and “Vehicle location” pod work to provide several of the other signature unique features of Pedal®. We will get into that in the next section.

Why is “Where’s My Car” a Useful Feature?

Below we’ll discuss the many advantages of the “Where’s My Car?” feature, as well as the other features that this one enables within Pedal®. It’s one of the most versatile and far-reaching features that the system has to offer.

Knowing Car and Drivers are Safe

The first main reason “Where’s My Car?” is such an important feature is for providing family users with peace of mind when they want to locate their family members and household cars. When you have recently-qualified teen drivers, as well as elderly relatives still using their cars regularly out on the road, knowing where everyone’s cars can be a very reassuring thing.

If you were to check your dashboard and discover that your elderly father was parked somewhere along an A road, not anywhere that he would normally be and you have no idea what he’s doing there, then you can quickly contact them and find out what’s going on. Even if you can’t get in touch, you can share the location to yourself and then use your own car to go and find them. Perhaps they’ve broken down and don’t have a working phone, or maybe they lost their way. Pedal® ensures that you always know when things don’t look right with vehicles’ locations.

Knowing When Cars are Being Misused

If you have a household with multiple cars, then you can use “Where’s My Car?” to track all of their locations. This is one way for concerned parents to help be sure that cars aren’t being taken to places that they shouldn’t, especially by teen drivers. When you couple the “Where’s My Car?” feature with other data from Pedal like the driving behaviour data that gives the “Safety Score” feature, for instance. These two features together help you to know where the cars are and how they are being driven.

Emergency Services and Roadside Assistance

Two more of the unique features on Pedal --- Emergency Services and Roadside Assistance --- make use of the “Where’s My Car?” feature to help them function properly. The information in the “Vehicle location” pod is useful on many levels. First, it automatically sends an alert when there has been a collision so that emergency services can be contacted. This helps drivers to focus on what they need to do while others bring help.

Besides that, the pod can also help locate nearby roadside assistance and towing services when a car is broken down. Knowing where your car is, Pedal® is able to locate highly rated local services to help, complete with contact information so you can send the nearest help as quickly as possible.

Losing Your Car

The “Where’s My Car?” function isn’t just useful in helping to keep track of teen drivers and vulnerable elderly relatives. It can even help you locate the car if has been lost or stolen. This is another connected feature, “Stolen Car Recovery” that further shows you how the “Vehicle location” pod is an invaluable resource in protecting your cars and their drivers.

Never Lose Track with Pedal

The Pedal system couldn’t be simpler. All it requires is first purchasing the Pedal smart sensor, which connects seamlessly to your car’s OBD-II connector. You can purchase multiple sensors for all the cars in your household and then channel all the data into a single main account. In this way, you can use the “Where’s My Car?” feature, as well as the other 19 unique features of the system for every car in one convenient place.

Once you are connected, data starts to pour in and you’ll learn so much about your vehicle and your diving behaviour that Pedal might just succeed in helping to make you a better driver. What’s more, you’ll never miss a maintenance appointment, MOT, insurance or tax renewal thanks to the system’s thorough system of notifications designed to ensure you know every detail about your car exactly when you need to know it. Purchase your sensors today and your first year of service is included in the price.