Pedal: Support for the Whole Family

Pedal is a revolutionary new system of automotive management that puts every single important detail about your car right at your fingertips. Among its 20 unique features is one that reminds us that Pedal® is not just for one car and one driver, but also is something from which the entire driving family can benefit: Multiple Car Support

Pedal® is a revolutionary new system of automotive management that puts every single important detail about your car right at your fingertips. Among its 20 unique features is one that reminds us that Pedal® is not just for one car and one driver, but also is something from which the entire driving family can benefit: Multiple Car Support

The number of cars in the UK has been on a steady rise. Back in 1994, there were about 21.2 million cars on the roads in Britain (excluding Northern Ireland). By 2019 that number had increased to 31.8 million registered cars. In every region of the country now except for London, every household statistically speaking has more than 1 car --- 1.3 cars on average.

Of course, that’s not exactly possible, but what it tells you is that having multiple cars in a single household is a normal occurrence. Besides the primary vehicle, there may be an additional car for a young teen driver who just got their licence and now takes themselves off to school every day. It may also be an elderly family member who refuses to give up their car no matter how questionable their eyesight or on-road decision making has become.

It is for these kinds of households where this special Pedal® feature, Multiple Car Support, comes most in handy.

Pedal Features – Multiple Car Support

How Does Multiple Car Support Work?

Data from the Pedal OBD-II sensors in multiple cars can be shared into a single space, which allows a family to bring all their driving data together in a more meaningful way. All the various data you can get for your main family car, you can also collect for another family vehicle and all under the same plan.

All you have to do is login to the Pedal® dashboard and you’ll be able to see how fast your teen has been driving a they take themselves off to school, and in what mechanical state the car of your elderly parents is in and whether or not it needs an urgent service or even an MOT they may have forgotten about.

It’s not about creating a “Big Brother” environment in your household, but rather gaining some clarity on issues that pertain to everyone’s safety and well-being on the road. That’s rather important for many.

Why is Multiple Car Support a Useful Feature?

The first element of utility in this feature can be seen in the convenience of it. With multiple cars supported in one place, it means you can get all the family car data without have to switch back and forth into different accounts, which can be very troublesome. On top of that, Pedal offers so many kinds of data all in one place, it’s a real feeling of a “one-stop shop” to learn everything you ever wanted to know about your family’s driving habits but were afraid to ask.

Multiple Car Support is also a useful instrument of ensuring safety in all your family driving. Younger drivers are much less likely to drive in an irresponsible or even reckless manner if they know the car is recording their behavior. Even better, it does so in a way that isn’t so intrusive into the privacy of your teen son or daughter. You haven’t set up a camera and microphone in the car to spy on them and listen to what they talk to their friends about. It’s merely a set of data that paints a picture strictly of driving behaviour. It’s hard for anyone to object to that if they also want driving privileges.

Equally, older drivers may have years of experience, but they have also become increasingly vulnerable to dangers on the road. The risk of an absent-minded moment becoming a dangerous situation is greater, as is the likelihood that they will forget about important dates and reminders to do with their car. You can help them with this by keeping track of all the key data for every car in the family.

Teen Driving – the Statistics

If you want to know more about why Multiple Car Support is useful for when your family has additional vehicles driven by younger drivers, then we have some important statistics to share with you. These numbers are pulled from various sources, but mostly from insurance company data and government statistics.

Almost 1 in 3 Fatal Accidents with Teen Drivers are Caused by Speeding

The data shows in 2021 that about 31 percent of fatal accidents where the victim is a teenager are caused by exceeding the speed limit. Some teens view speed limits more as a guideline than as enforceable law, sharing common myths with each other that it’s acceptable to drive 10 percent over the speed limit when it’s demonstrably false. If Pedal® can help ensure your teen drivers are staying within the given speed limits, then they are already less likely to become part of any death statistic.

Younger Drivers Cover Fewer Miles, but Drive More at Night

On average, a teen driver will only cover about 4,000 miles per year according to UK government statistics. The difference, however, is that they drive more between 9pm and 6am than older drivers do. Driving at night increases two kinds of risk, the first being darkness and limited visibility, and the second being emptier roads acting as a temptation to take more risks when driving. Once again, the data you gain from Pedal® can help you make sure that your teens are not succumbing to these risks.

The Majority of Young Driver Fatalities and Injuries Occur on Rural Roads

It stands to reason that driving in the city yields fewer dangerous accidents since speed limits are low and traffic often heavy, which means the conditions for fatal accidents are not there. Rural roads account for 82 percent of young-driver deaths, and 67 percent of severe injuries. With your Pedal® data, you’ll be able to see what roads your teen drivers are taking, and then you’ll be able to advise them and caution them on the risks that these roads present --- poor lighting, unpredictable corners and more --- to help keep them safe on their way.

Elderly Driving – The Statistics

Besides teen drivers, another somewhat vulnerable group on the road are our elderly family members. Here are some interesting statistics pertaining to them. Remember when the Duke of Edinburgh had a rather embarrassing road accident age 97? It spawned a lot of interesting statistics from the BBC in the aftermath.

There are 100,000 People Still Driving Over the Age of 90

On the UK’s roads, more than 100,000 drivers are those who spend a lot of money on birthday cake candles. The Duke of Edinburgh, it would seem, is not alone in his determination to stay on the road. While it’s not a matter as simple as just banning people from driving or forcibly removing their licences, there are still steps we can and should take to ensure our elderly relatives are staying safe on the road. The Pedal® system can provide that assurance.

As Long as You Can Read a Number Plate from 20m, You Can Drive

The current law states that while the over-70s do have to take steps to declare themselves fit to drive every three years, there is nothing stricter in place to prevent a licence being taken away based on age alone. The Association of Optometrists has called for a compulsory eye test every 10 years, but thus far the law remains the same. Saving for a specific medical condition or a criminal action, the elderly keep their licences just so long as they can read a number plate from 20 metres away. If they keep driving and that makes them happy, then at least you can use Pedal® to ensure they are driving safely.

The Elderly Are Involved in 3-4 Times Fewer Accidents than 17-21 Year-Olds

With older drivers, getting into accidents doesn’t seem to be the main problem. Drivers over 70 are up to 4 times less likely than those aged 17-21 to get into accidents according to a University of Swansea study back in 2016. They do, on the other hand, have slower reactions, deteriorating eyesight, and possibly a growing contempt for the rules. Pedal® will help you know that they are at least driving on the right roads, and keeping their cars in good order.

Bring All Family Data Together with Pedal

Using the Multiple Car Support feature, you can ensure that everyone in the family stays safe and is being responsible in their driving. To drive on the road is a privilege, and not an express right. Not only do we lay down laws of the land to govern this, but families too can set their own standards and use Pedal® as a way to make sure those standards are being met. In addition, you get all the same great features for multiple cars like reminders of maintenance, MOT, servicing and more. Sign up today to learn more about how Pedal® brings your whole family’s driving under better management.